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Updated: 01/01/2019
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Other micromotor (output power within 37.5 watts)

Goods ever classified >>


Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output exceeclass="link_hightlight">ding 375kW

Goods ever classified >>


Other DC motors, DC generators Of an output not exceeclass="link_hightlight">ding 750W

Goods ever classified >>


Other kinclass="link_hightlight">ds of micro motors’ (power output: no more than 37.5W)

Goods ever classified >>


Other AC motors, singlephase

Goods ever classified >>


Other kinclass="link_hightlight">ds of micro motors with frames sizeclass="link_hightlight">d between 20mm anclass="link_hightlight">d 39mm (power output: no more than 37.5W)

Goods ever classified >>


universal AC/DC Motors of an out put exceeclass="link_hightlight">ding37.5 W

Goods ever classified >>


Other power control or class="link_hightlight">distribution class="link_hightlight">devices ((for the circuit with its voltage no more than 1000V)

Goods ever classified >>


Other voltagestablizeclass="link_hightlight">d power supply

Goods ever classified >>


Other kinclass="link_hightlight">ds of regulateclass="link_hightlight">d power supplies

Goods ever classified >>

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China 8-digit HS Code wise data Consulting Services

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  • import/export company detail information

China 8-digit HS Code wise data Consulting Services

ETCN is the officially authorized China Customs Statistics provider, especially China import/export data. China data Consulting Services can help you find all the Chinese buyers or Chinese exporters, monitor your competitors and know the ongoing Chinese market situation. The report offers such information worldwide and in China as the commodity flow and distribution of clients, pricing status/tendency, changes in demand for commodity quality/grades market demand and market forecast by analyzing potential demands.