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Updated: 06/01/2019
0602201000Trees, shrubs and bushes, grafted or not, of kinds which bear edible fruit or nuts,seedlings
CIQ Code »101:Plantain seedlings 102:Guava seedlings 103:Citrus seedlings 104:Jellyfish seedlings 105:Walnut seedlings 106:Pear seedlings 107:Li Miaomu 108:Lychee seedlings 109:Mango seedlings 110:Grape seedlings 111:Apple seedlings 112:Papaya seedling 113:Pecan se
Declaration Norm »1:Brand type;2:Export preferences;3:Whether as seed or not;(The following contents are only required by Shanghai Customs)4:GTIN;5:CAS
Regulations & RestrictionsABInspection & QuarantinePQGen (General Tariff Rate)0
MFN (Most-favored Nation)0Provisional TaxVAT (Value-added Tax):9
Consumption TaxFTA (Free Trade Agreement Tax)ViewUnitpiece/kilogram
CCC Certificate -In-Quota on Imported Goods0IT Origin Country Tariff
Anti-Dumping / Anti-Subsidy -Additional Tariff on U.S. Imports5Export Tax Rebate0
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