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Updated: 02/28/2020
7304900000Other tubes, pipes and hollow profiles,not elsewhere specified or included, other than cast iron
CIQ Code »
Declaration Norm »1:Brand type;2:Export preferences;3:Specification (pipe's outer diameter);4:Usage (for boiler, for oil/gas drilling, etc.);5:Shape (pipe, hollow profiled bar);6:Materials (iron, non-alloy steel, stainless steel, alloy steel);7:Processing methods (refine);8:Category (seamless pipe);(The following contents are only required by Shanghai Customs)9:GTIN;10:CAS;11:Other
Goods under this HS code »
Unitkilogram Gen (General Tariff Rate)17MFN (Most-favored Nation)4
TaxVAT (Value-added Tax):13Additional Tariff on U.S. Imports35Export Tax Rebate13
Regulations & RestrictionsAInspection & QuarantineMConsumption Tax
FTA (Free Trade Agreement Tax) -CCC Certificate -In-Quota on Imported Goods0
IT Origin Country TariffAnti-Dumping / Anti-Subsidy -
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