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Updated: 06/15/2021
4403996000North american hard wood
CIQ Code »
Declaration Norm »0:Brand type;1:Export preferences;2:Category (Chinese and Latin scientific name);3:Processing(whether longitudinal sawing, slitting, planing or rotary cutting);4:Section size (diameter of round wood or width of square wood x thickness);5:Length;6:Grade (sawn timber, slice, etc.);7:Whether the blue change is drying;8:Whether to dry;9:Contracting date;10:GTIN;11:CAS;12:Other;
Unitkilogram/cubic meterGen (General Tariff Rate)8MFN (Most-favored Nation)0
TaxVAT (Value-added Tax):9Additional Tariff on U.S. Imports0Export Tax Rebate0
Regulations & Restrictions8AInspection & QuarantineP/QConsumption Tax
FTA (Free Trade Agreement Tax) -CCC Certificate -In-Quota on Imported Goods0
IT Origin Country TariffAnti-Dumping / Anti-Subsidy -
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