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Updated: 10/28/2022
3908101101Polyamide -6, 6, slices or chips
CIQ Code »999:Primary shape polyamide-6,-11,-12,-6,6,-6,9,-6,10 or -6,12
Declaration Norm »0:Brand type;1:Export preferences;2:Appearance (shape, transparency, color, etc.);3:Whether cutting into slices or not;4:Ingredient content;5:Unit variety and percentage;6:Primer source(recycled material, bottle flake material, new material, second brand material);7:Grade;8:Brand (in Chinese or in foreign language);9:Model;10:Contracting date;11:Usage;12:GTIN;13:CAS;14:Other;15:Original Facroty name in Chinese;16:Original Facroty name in English;17:Rate of Anti-Dumping;18:Rate of Anti-Subsidy;19:Whether meet the price commitment;
UnitkilogramGen (General Tariff Rate)45MFN (Most-favored Nation)6.5
TaxVAT (Value-added Tax):13Additional Tariff on U.S. ImportsExport Tax Rebate13
Regulations & RestrictionsInspection & QuarantineConsumption Tax
FTA (Free Trade Agreement Tax)ViewCCC Certificate -In-Quota on Imported Goods0
IT Origin Country TariffAnti-Dumping / Anti-SubsidyView
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